Transoft Solutions provides innovative software solutions for airport and airspace professionals.

Applications include enhancing check-in, aircraft parking and terminal airspace processes, designing ground markings and analysing runway capacity, as well as complex air traffic evaluations and obstacle limitation reports.

Transoft Solutions offers software solutions designed for applications ranging from improving departure check-in processes, optimising aircraft parking stands or operations, designing new ground markings, analysing runway capacity, preparing obstacle limitation reports, and refining terminal and airside procedures, as well as modelling en-route traffic or evaluating air traffic complexity in real-time.

AirTOP - Large scale simulation of US NAS Airspace (EnRoute, 22 TMAs/TRACONs with Flow Management measures)
AirTOP - TMA and Airside simulation
AviPLAN - Accurately simulate pushback and pull maneuvers
AeroSTRIPE – Intelligent airside marking design software
AviPLAN - Leverage advanced optimization functionality to plan contact and non-contact stands in an unrivaled level of detail
AirTOP Terminal - Weigh options, assess design choices, and evaluate constraints
SkySAFE - Fast and reliable analysis based on geographical input
Aircraft Data Viewer – Shows jet blasts in take-off, break away and idle
Aircraft Data Viewer – Service arrangement shows the aircraft with their service vehicles

Passenger terminal simulation

Transoft’s comprehensive and powerful terminal simulation tool offers advanced features for modelling, simulating, and evaluating operations, efficiencies, and capacities of entire terminals or isolated processes.

Airside planning, design, and operations

Whether considering near-term scenarios or master planning, AviPLAN is a complete computer-aided design (CAD) software solution for safe and accurate airside planning and design. The software can be used to revise apron layouts, develop complex stands with multiple boarding bridges, design taxiways and fillets, and to generate detailed nose gear and cockpit ground markings. Customers can also use it to perform safety clearance, jet blast impact, and operational efficiency studies.

Obstacle limitation compliance

SkySAFE is an effective tool for airport planners, operators, and safety managers involved in protecting and monitoring the airfield and its runway departure and approach paths. As a CAD-based software, it allows users to accurately and efficiently analyse obstacles to ensure they do not penetrate or threaten the obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) defined in regulatory guidelines.

Airside marking designing

AeroSTRIPE offers a range of features that will significantly improve the way clients manage airside marking projects. Using the CAD-based software’s library, users can design runway, taxiway, and apron markings. Also included in the extensive library are standard road text markings and symbols that are pre-drawn to the correct size and shape.

Airport and airspace modelling

AirTOP is a specialised airport and airspace simulation software that allows users to study the implications of infrastructional or operational changes before altering procedures or prematurely investing in costly and time-consuming construction projects.

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