Electrical Construction Services

Welchcivils offers a complete turnkey solution for new electrical connections, from the initial inquiry to design, building, and network adoption. We provide connections for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Renewable, and Mixed-Use applications across the United Kingdom. For new connections, we have a number of benefits over Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Every sort of connection is familiar to and experienced by our design team. From major shopping malls and warehousing centres to five-year residential developments that include houses, apartment buildings, and student housing, there is something for everyone.

Flexible Design –

A formal transfer is performed to the in-house design departments following the acceptance of a proposal. A committed and experienced designer will work closely with you to ensure that the installation fulfils your demands while conforming to the accrediting organisations' rigorous regulations and the DNO's criteria.

Dedicated Account Manager -

In order to keep your deadlines and minimise interruption on site, coordination between teams is critical. Our expert connection project managers have worked with and around other teams before. They will coordinate our site work with the activities of other on-site personnel to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Energisation Date -

As early as feasible in the project lifetime, we offer you with a confirmed initial energization date. While some projects are dependent on the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and thus limited by their availability, we work together with the DNO to meet your project deadline.

Delivery -

We recognise the value of adaptability in the connection process. Our design staff adapts rapidly to unexpected obstacles, delivering unique and creative solutions to ensure your specific project objectives are addressed while still fulfilling the scope and programme criteria.

Timely Quotation

To give a no-obligation, fixed-price estimation proposal for your connection works, Welchcivils requires a site design and an accommodation schedule. All required applications are made using the information provided in order to obtain a fixed point of connection on which an outline design is based.

A brief, easy-to-follow connection proposal and plan is created, outlining the specific work to be done. Both contestable and non-contestable works will be broken down in the proposal. We always provide competitive pricing based on a defined scope of work, as well as a realistic payment plan, to our customers.

Our Values

Welchcivils is a forward-thinking civil engineering and construction company that completes high-quality projects safely, on schedule, and on budget. Welchcivils is dedicated to its customers. We have developed, and continue to grow, a robust client base around the country, thanks to the experience and proactive approach of our highly qualified Management Staff, Engineers, and Skilled Workforce.


Active Experts


Happy Clients

Designing and Building Utility Network Connections Across The UK

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electrical
  • Fibre

Welchcivils is a prominent Multi-Utility Connections Provider for new residential, industrial, and commercial projects in the United Kingdom. From the initial customer inquiry to design, construction, energization, and network adoption, our committed teams of skilled and competent engineers oversee projects. We take great pride in delivering high-quality, turnkey solutions on time and on budget for a wide range of utility connection needs.

We provide the proper technical and commercial solution to meet both the project and the budget, working closely with developers, house builders, and consultants, as well as the Network Operators who will adopt the networks and connections that we build.

Welchcivils has considerable expertise installing gas and electricity connections in a variety of market categories, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects, as well as renewable energy connections. Water and fibre connections are now available; keep an eye on our news articles and social media channels for updates as we roll out these services.

We are one of just a few Connection Providers completely recognised by the National Lloyds Registration Scheme for NERS and GIRS. NERS enables us to safely design and construct new HV and LV electrical utility connections, distribution networks, and substations by delivering projects up to 66kV. With complete approval from GIRS, we design, construct, and commission new routine and non-routine gas connections.


Our design engineer teams

Our design engineer teams are capable of designing electricity, gas, and water networks from existing network connection points to metre locations at your development, as well as project management of reinforcements and diversions. We are continuously on the lookout for the best design options and can assist in future-proofing the new network in preparation for future expansion and construction phases.